2013 Christmas Wishlist

Since Christmas is just around the corner and 5 days from now it's officially holidays, I wanted to post my wishlist this year. I know for a fact that what I have on my list won't be given by somebody or someone but anyway, I feel the need to blurt it out somehow. It might be my goal for 2014 as a start right? Last year I was able to receive some of the things I wanted to have like the Kindle which is originally a gift for myself but ended up as a gift from my husband. So this year this is what I want...

A laptop headset
I accidentally broke my headset since it always drop off the floor after using it. Then last night when I was listening to a video, I can't hear anything from the left side, only one side is working.

Laptop Cooler
I've been using my laptop cooler for 2 years already and apparently it doesn't cool that much and I wanted something new since it's a bit rusty now.

A Vacation Leave
Actually this isn't mine! It's for my hubby because he was extended for work until February when supposedly he'll be home before Christmas. It could have been our first together as a family and as husband-wife, daddy-mommy mode. Sad but I think we have to skip Holidays together. :(

Out of town with daddy
After vacation leave of course I wanted some quality time with hubby and with baby. We didn't experience the honeymoon I was expecting before because we needed to consume our time and expenses into something else so by next year I really wanted to go somewhere where we can bond again.

Ceiling Paints
My room is not yet fully painted and the ceiling only have flats (white one) so I need ceiling paints and extra paints for the wall. 
Badminton Set
Been asking for this since last year but I needed to change plans because we need money for the wedding then came baby and other much more important expenses. I wanted a set of this because it's been a long time since I play badminton and I wanted to play with hubby sometime.

Rubber Shoes
New pair of kicks, of course for running purposes and for the badminton playtime. I am not really into rubber shoes but having a good pair would be useful.
Android Tablet for mom
It's her past time! When I first taught her how to play candy crush she became addicted and spent her leisure time just playing on my android phone. Then she learn to play other games which is similar to candy crush. I wanted to give her something she can use during her break from babysitting my baby.

Comfy bed
My bed isn't comfy anymore and I can't have a good sleep because I needed to bend a little so I can fit snugly in my bed. Three of us are sleeping in it and have to lie horizontally instead of the usual vertical. Foam isn't comforting anymore.

New Bank Account
This one's for us and for the baby. I learned that it is a need for us (couple) to have a conjugal account so we both have access on our savings account. A bank account for baby is really a must so we can start saving for her future.
As you can see it's not really for myself only but for my family and loved ones. I feel the need to blurt it out so I can later see what I have after Holidays and if I didn't receive any then I think I have to wish for it again until God or Santa will grant them to me in the right time. Happy Holidays everyone!

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