Colic, Reflux and Reflexes

I was thrilled by this three terms and I was eager to know more of it from my pedia and god thanks I was able to cope up with this. But tonight, colic is our problem again with my baby. *Sigh. If you are a mom and have experience this three with your infant, please shed me some light so I can also hear from you guys. I badly need other stories right now. Btw, if you have other information, let's say you are a nurse or a story from your ate or the like, you are also welcome.
A week after my baby is born she often have this reflexes and I was told that it was startling reflexes or what elders will call "saman-saman" since she's a week old only. She is still having that "skin" from my hormones and in order to get rid of that I have to lift my baby every morning and every night. That is what they call "para maalis ang pagkagitla".

After reading such cases I wonder if it is also connected with reflux and colic. And I've read from a book that it is but my pedia told me it isn't and I shouldn't be afraid of what my baby is going through right now. Every newborn are unique and I shouldn't always compare it to others. 

Since my baby is active whenever she wakes up and bottlefed, she often have this reflux (paglulungad) because the tendency of her active body or when she was a bit shaken. At first I try to fed her while she was lying in her bed. Then after a few minutes I will lift her up so she can burp because mom told me that in every feeding she has to burp. But then to my surprise, she will have this reflux. I was tensed the first time I saw her with that case because she had a lot! The picture below is not what I am talking about when she had a lot. This is just her normal reflux and this is even when she was sleeping.

At her age, I gave her 2 oz of milk as what the doctor prescribe but sometimes, even if she is full enough to sleep, she still asks for milk and keeps on crying if we don't give her, so I end up feeding her 3 oz instead of two. The pedia told me that maybe the stomach of my baby is already full and what triggers her to cry is because of colic (kabag). But how can I say so if my baby is always crying after she is not satisfied with her bottle of milk? So the last time we visit the doctor's clinic he saw that my baby is able to drink up 2 oz straight and still crying so she advise us to give her pacifier (but not always) and gave a prescription for colic.

I've learned from a book that an infant is likely to have colic case at 1 month and most likely at 3 months. It threatens me sometimes because whenever my baby have this, she can't sleep and we keep on holding her, singing her lullaby until she finally have a good night sleep. She looks like she's restless. We will fed her at first but then she'll cry again, and a moment later she will close her eyes but after a few minutes she'll be awake again. Still we limit her bottle of milk so she won't have this reflux. Sometimes, I am worried that I have done something wrong whenever this happen and I feel helpless that I ended up crying with my husband when he calls. 

This are just the three of many symptoms my baby will definitely face along the way. But I know, in God's guidance, we'll make it through.

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