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If I wasn't in the mood to write in front of my laptop, I wanted something to write on to using my mobile. And sometimes, I have the urge to write something but writing it on notes makes me feel like a lazy one. So I tried to use the blogger app for android just in case I wanted to blurb something without the need to log in and wait for my laptop to open up. 

* It is easy to use and a light app. User friendly options too.
* You can easily write what you had in mind without the need of opening your laptop or desktop
* Works just like the regular blogger using desktop

* Needs wifi connection to be able to access it
* Can't see IntenseDebate comments if you're using it on your blog

After trying it out I deleted it because I can't see the comments on my blog and can't interact with my readers which is far more important to me than just creating posts in an easy way. It could have been a good app for me. Well, I just have to stick blogging using my laptop though.

Have you tried this app on your phone? How was your experience using the app?

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