Buntis Diaries: Switching to Natural and Organic Products

There are many pros and cons while conceiving and we have to abide it if we wanted to have a safe pregnancy during the 9 months and no risk labor at all. I am not a vain mom-to-be but I am still using some personal care and beauty products to keep my body clean and fresh and maintain the youthful vibe in my face. I've read a couple of blog posts and forum discussions as I carry my baby inside my womb that I should avoid certain products with chemicals and they advice to use doctor's prescribed or those which are safe and made of natural and organic. 

As I've read those posts, I noticed that a lot of them were using Human Nature products. So I search them up on google and read reviews. They offer skin care and beauty products as well as home care products.
  1. The ingredients are biodegradable and at least 95% natural (the same standard set by the Natural Products Association in the USA). In fact, many of our products are 100% natural.
  2. The ingredients come from a renewable resource with no petroleum compounds, and are also processed in a way that doesn't harm the environment
  3. A product may contain a "non-natural" ingredient, but is only permitted if there is no readily available natural alternative, at which point, the ingredient meets strict criteria on human and environmental safety and biodegradability.
I was eager to try their products so I immediately look for shops where I can purchase them. Apparently there no shops within our area and the only thing I can do is to order through online or look for a dealer who resides here at Batangas. Luckily I've found out that the website also list legitimate dealers of their products, Metro Manila and Provincial. Yay for this part, because dealing or shopping online is a risk.

Note on shopping online: Do not place an order and pay for the items without checking the legitimacy of the seller to avoid further issues related to scam. You can check for buyers review or ask for a meet up first if you are going to purchase for the first time. 

They have 4 dealers in Batangas Area, 2 from City (which is what I am looking for) and 2 from other locations. I text Roselle C. Lagran hoping that she will respond immediately after my inquiry. That night she replied and I ask her if we can meet up if I purchase, she agrees. So I place my orders right away and we agreed to meet after two weeks. Here's what I got after two weeks:

  • Natural Moisturizing Shampoo in Lush Vanilla and Mandarin Fresh scents 50ml (Php44.75)
  • Natural Intensive Hair Mask in Rosemary Scent 50g (Php99.75) 
  • Natural Mineral Blush 3.5g in Rosy Cheeks and Tropical Rose shades (Retails at Php225; Special Offer at Php195 or Buy 2 blushes offer at Php295)
Total of: Php484.25

This is my first time to use their products and hopefully I will like the results. I started using the shampoo and mineral make up yesterday. I will make a review after a week and share them with you.

Have you tried Human Nature products? Which products did you use? How long have you been using their products? Share your story with me!

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