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This is my first time to post an FOTD (Face of the Day). Honestly I didn't know what's the meaning of FOTD before and have to wonder on other bloggers what FOTD really means. I didn't know that such acronym also exist aside from OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Now that I am starting to make reviews on beauty products, my fave bloggers Genzel and Shayne encourage me make an FOTD using the products I review. 

I'm not really used to capture selfie pics to share with make ups on aside from my photos whenever I go out. So bare with me as I try this FOTD post. Most of the time I stay at home because I am working online and I hardly went out for a gig or mingle with friends. In a month, I must say that I only go out just for a grocery, pay for utility bills or a schedule appointment with a friend and whenever I wanted to eat at food chains just because I have no appetite eating at home.

So, this is me without make ups at home. Sometimes I don't apply powder. Really, I am not a fan of loose powder even before I was still schooling. When I was in highschool I can go out with this bare look. Just comb my hair and nothing on my face at all. Maybe that's one of the reason why I still have a face like this, no problems at all aside from monthly zits under my chin whenever I got my period. I hardly have pimples, or if so, just one or two. 

no make up

This is also my first time to have a short hair because I am used to having long hair but ever since I got pregnant, the weather is really bad and I keep on complaining how hot it is to have a long hair so I decided to cut it short. Now I have to use a hair clip because of my side bangs which keeps on falling whenever I am in front of an electricfan. 

beauty products I used for my natural daytime look when I go out

For this FOTD I will be using this products first.The upper ones are my usual beauty products but the two blush-on at the bottom are new because I have to use them for now because I am pregnant and have to stick with natural chemical FREE products. The Celeteque Moisturizer adds up a little moisture on my face and I really love the result because it leaves my face soft and not oily even if I go out without powder on. I am using cream ever since I found out that a foundation was really a mess on my face (found out that thing when I was still in college and we have this subject "Personality Development" wherein we are taught about makeups, modelling, clothing and even etiquette). I tried the Avon BB Cream and I must say that I love the result but I am still not sticking to it because of its watery form. The Kabuki brush (a mac replica) that I purchased at Silvertoesz is the only brush I have on my kit right now! See, I am not really particular to beauty products and I really wanted a set of brush soon. Beside it is the Kimono Doll Lipgloss prize I received last time I joined a mini trivia contest at Facebook Group. It's really cute and I use it to moisten my lips before applying a lipstick and lip liner. Next is the Ever Bilena Extreme Shine Lipstick in #703 shade and the Avon Lip Liner which I hardly use because I haven't mastered using it at all. Now for the blush on, I have Human Nature products, first try too because I have to switch with organic ones so no harmful effects with my baby inside my womb. It's in Tropical Rose and Rosy Cheeks hue. I use the Rosy Cheeks for now in my face and dab a little Tropical Rose on my eyeshadow. I'll definitely make a separate review for this two blush on but you can read my purchase of Human Nature products HERE.

with facial moisturizer and bb cream

My usual regimen would be applying a cream first before applying blush on but ever since I've tried the Celeteque facial moisturizer, I opt to apply moisturizer first then cream then blush on. I posted about Celeteque products before and you can read it HERE but I will make a separate review on each item once I emptied out bottles. I only dab a little amount of BB cream on my face because I don't want to look so whitish all over.

After applying those beauty products I mention above, here's my very first FOTD. Pardon for my hair, I really have a frizzy hair when I got pregnant and have to tame them with a Vitress Hair Polish (I forgot to include that in the picture, sorry!) on this one.

That's it! My very first FOTD and I really hope you guys like it as much as I do. That's my usual look whenever I go out for shopping or going out with friends. Just a simple make up on the go for a not-so-vain sweet ME.

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