Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Aging Serum Bar

Last week I received my parcel from Genzel because I won the ROM for July and one of the items included are two Beauty and Bright soap. Today I use one of them since she recommended that it is safe to use because it is made of organic. Of course I was eager to try new products new especially that it is free already. Saves me money from buying!

I'm going to review the first soap for today which is the Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Aging Serum Bar. This soap can be used in your face too but since I am not a fan of using soaps on my face, I just opted to use them for my body. I decided to use this soap after shampooing my hair because I still use my Avon's body wash as my first soap to lather my skin.

Bright and Beauty Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Aging Serum Bar | Php94.00
What I like about this product is the packaging. The information I needed for this soap is already written on the box from manufacturing and expiration dates, ingredients and direction to added information for this soap. The packaging also has an extra box (see the third photo), I just don't know the purpose but it's cute.

Beauty and Bright soap does not use artificial color which means there is no chemicals added to this one and assuring that you can enjoy the highest quality of an all-natural soap. This is great for me because I am pregnant right now and I am trying to avoid chemically processed products. Plus this soap provides lightening
for the skin and works as an anti-aging too! It's a plus already because you can benefit two beauty regimen in one!

Here's what it looks like inside. It is still affordable compare to other beauty soaps I find in the grocery and even those sold online. The net weight is 130g already. I also notice that it doesn't have a foamy effect when applied to skin. I use a scrub and the creamy moisture of this soap is just right for me. The scent is mild too! Since it is not that foamy, I can say that this soap will last long because it doesn't melt easily unlike other soaps. I allowed the soap for five minutes as instructed before I wash my whole body. It is easier to rinse it off because it is not tangy or slippery to the skin. Hence, when I touch my skin, it's a bit rough but I feel so refresh with my whole body so it's still okay for me. I feel super clean after using the soap. I also notice that it already lightens the skin even after using it for the first time. Don't get me wrong because some soaps leaves a darken skin after 1 or 2 times of using but this one is different. It doesn't give me that itchy feeling too, means it works for my skin and don't have to suffer for allergies.

Rating: ★★★★

I could have given a 5 rating for this one but Beauty and Bright soap is not available locally so it will be hard for me to order one or buy instantly. There are some stores where you can buy this product especially if you're Manila based. You can visit their facebook page for more information on where you can buy this soap and other Beauty and Bright | Droplets products.

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