Delicacies from Bohol: Peanut Kisses

Rating: ★★★★☆ || Price: ₱ 8.50 || Net Weight: 20 g

I got this freebie when I purchased 2 tops from Leilani of Heartplum Fab Finds Shop. She just came from her Bohol trip and bought some goods or pasalubong. I was lucky enough that my items were shipped just right in time so she included some pasalubong for me. Such a thoughtful friend! I am not just a customer at her shop but we also get closer after several purchases. She even volunteered to be one of my baby's ninang.
Now back to topic, I was wondering what this Peanut Kisses are when she mention that she included some of it along with my package. I didn't browse for it because I was so busy working online so I just waited for my parcel. When I open it, I found 3 packs of Peanut Kisses in 20 g each.

Yay for this treats! Delighted about this, I took a picture of it and share it to other as well. I thought that it has a chocolate filling inside since it looks like a crush peanut. But when I bite one, it tastes like peanut butter and no filling inside. Then mom told me, it looks like Hershey's kisses.

Peanut kisses is one of the best delicacies in Bohol but it is also available now in Cebu. It is sold in different variety, 20 g, 100 g, 200 g or you can also opt for a combo package in a bag if you want more pasalubong to your loved ones. It is sold in malls even in market, mostly near airport/sea port. Boholanos said that it is inspired from Hershey's Kisses but they wanted something locally made so they make this recipe out of peanut and egg white then formed this just like Bohol's famous Chocolate Hills. A 20 g consist of 7 peanut kisses and I must say that it is really bitin for a sweet tooth like me. I am not a fan of peanut bitter but this is really a delicious treat and just like eating cookies in small amount.

Have you tried this product yet? If not, would you like to try it sometime? What's your verdict with it? Hope I can hear from you! Thanks again sis Lei for this treat! Hopefully next time you can visit Batangas and I'll surely take you to different places here and give you our own delicacies too.

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  1. Oh Peanut kisses! I know this! My boss gave us these in packs when she was gone from a vacation :) This post makes me miss eating it so bad. Do you know anywhere I can buy this from here? I hope they have this in supermarket. I'll try my luck this weekend :D

    1. Try searching it at SM supermarkets. Minsan daw kasi meron ganyan esp kapag merong local section, tsaka sa malalaking malls. :)

  2. Peanut Kisses, the bohol pride! I bet you will never forget to buy this as pasalubong when you visit bohol. I really like this one :)

    .never settle for less.

    1. Surely, once I get to Bohol I will also buy this delicacies and I might try the other one they're talking about, I just forgot the name! :)

  3. My friend gave me Peanut Kisses several times already. But since I wear braces, I haven't tasted it. Fail, haha

    I read your post about Human Nature Shampoo. I love their line of shampoo and conditioners, but I share the same experience. I forgot the name of the exact variant but their line of "refreshing and minty" shampoo and conditioner irritated my scalp too. I ended up having flakes and blood stains. Their regular variants are on the contrary effective and safe with me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. Good thing they still have those variants but right now I don't think I will purchase one since I am not pregnant anymore and I will just switch to another brand.


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