BFF bonding at Piandre Salon

Rating: ★★★★ || Pricing: starts from ₱ 85 || Service: Walk-in or by Appointment

This post was long overdue but since I am really fond of their service last time, I decided to make an entry for them. I got a 1000 gift certificate at Piandre Salon from Ate Joan when I got married last February. My hubby didn't want to go to so I immediately called my BFF for this treat. I know already that I was pregnant by the time we visit the salon so I was hesitant to have a hair treatment so I choose a manicure and a new haircut instead.

I set an appointment with them so that I will know immediately if we can have their service that day or are they fully booked. We were about to see a movie but decided that we go to Salon first since they confirmed that they are free by that time already. The receptionist is accommodating and the ambiance inside the salon is great plus it is located near SM so we don't have to worry about being late at cinema at all.

I chose the haircut for ₱200, manicure ₱200 and my BFF wants to have a hair treatment for ₱600. Well that's not exactly their price because I already forgot it, just an estimated one.

Their treatment also comes with a head, back and arms massage – an added bonus that will help you relax and take the stress off which is great for me and my BFF since we're both stressed from work and me, from wedding preparation. It is really a perfect timing and gift. I was used to having a long hair and just layered it if I wanted to cut it but that time I wanted something new, so that was really a new haircut for me, a bob cut! I like my new style and everyone who see my new look always told me that I look younger than ever! My BFF said that she also like the hair treatment because it smoothen her hair even without the straightening treatment she used to have. We did enjoy Piandre's service. There was also a complimentary drink while waiting. For more information and salon location and branches visit their website at

Trivia: Did you know that Piandre gives "Basha" the bob hair cut in the movie "One More Chance"? I was watching a rerun of this movie when I saw onscreen that she got out from "Piandre Salon" after her new bob haircut. As we all know, girls who wants to have a new life after a break up usually go for a new look. Tadah! Piandre really did an awesome make over to Bea Alonzo, even make the "Basha Trend" after that.

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