An Open Letter to my Unborn Baby

To my Dear "Baby"

I really don't know how to start things off but one thing is for sure, I wanted you to know that you are loved since the first day I learned that I am conceiving.

The first months of having you in my tummy is not really great. In fact, I have this scarriest thoughts that I might lose you but I was able to fight along the way. The first time I felt your kick made me happy and excited that it might not be a kick at all but you responded and seems like telling me "mommy, it's for real". It gave me strength, a happiness I haven't felt for such a long time that I even capture a video of you kicking and hurriedly sent it to your dad. He may be far away from us but I always told him about you. He's excited to see you and be able to call you "my princess".

From mood swings to sleeping disorder, I always thought that having you is really a hard one but I always look forward to the day I will give birth to you. This was so unexpected. I have fears and thoughts about how will I be able to get by on my due date, fear that I may not be ready, scared since it's my first time and sad that your daddy wouldn't be there by that time.

I have garnered my strength and positive vibes through the help of family and friends who always seems to be there whenever I feel like sulking. We are loved. We are lucky enough to have them by our side as I conceive you. They are eager and excited to see you and with every little joy you gave me, they also felt the happiness deep within my heart.

I may have sad days as we waited for you but everytime I felt you flutter, my heart melts and I can't help but smile, started thinking that one day you will be right next to me, holding you in my arms, giving you sweet kisses and singing you a lullaby. I wanted to give you an unconditional love, in every way possible.

Me and your dad will forever be grateful to have you. You are a gift, a god's promise. We love you.

I hope one day you will be able to read this letter. So hang in there, soon, our long wait will be over.

Hugs and kisses,
Mommy Rubita

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  1. awwww. shes very lucky to have you in her life :) naexcite naman ako maging mommy din ^^

  2. Ohhh, this one's really nice and heartwarming! xx


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