Amazon Kindle 5: My new BFF

I must admit that I am a bookworm, but not a collector. Four years ago, when I was still working at SPi Global (a BPO Publishing Company at Laguna) I saw a Kindle DX held by our supervisor and told us that whatever we do, it's the device which students use to read them. Since then, I told myself that I will buy the same thing so I can also read every books I wanted to without having a massive collection of hardbound or paperback on shelves. Then I learned about Amazon and how I can purchase a kindle for myself. But there's one problem, the budget and the shipping cost plus the tax. I was about to loose hope when I got the news that my cousins from Arizona and Australia will be celebrating their Christmas here at Philippines. So I hurriedly asked Maycee to purchase one for me so I can save some money for the shipping cost. I was so excited when she agreed and told me that by December, I can have my kindle. Yay!

It was mid October when we started choosing which one should I purchase. I carefully read reviews and compare other kindles and which one is super useful to me but not so expensive at all. At first, I jot down all necessary things I wanted with my kindle. 
  1. Inexpensive. All I really wanted is a reading app, nothing more nothing less. Saves battery and gadget life.
  2. Handy that I can bring it anywhere without bringing a huge bag.
  3. Connects with wifi for downloading books.
  4. User-friendly.
I could have chosen a Kindle Fire costs $169 because it has apps already, colored and works like a tablet already. But, it won't diverge me to my reading habits and instead just waste my time logging on facebook. LOL. Plus it's too expensive and I can't afford to buy it at that cost. From reviews, the battery doesn't last long, maybe a day or two the longest. And then there's Kindle Paperwhite costs $119, the newly released addition to e-ink models of kindle. It has a built in light, touch screen, 2 point multi-touch and battery lasts up to 8 weeks long. Still, I don't settle for it because I still need to buy other kindle accessories like case and an adapter. Then, finally, Kindle 5 the remodeled Kindle 4 but much lighter, faster and small. 

Amazon's 6" E Ink Pearl display with optimized font technology, 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale (graphite)
  • Model : Kindle 5 Wi-Fi, 6" Display 
  • Size : 6.5" x 4.5" x 0.34" (165.75 mm x 114.5 mm x 8.7 mm)
  • Color : Graphite (you can also have black color, as graphite is limited only)
  • Storage : On device: 2 GB internal (approximately 1.25 GB available for user content). Holds up to 1,400 books. Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
  • Battery Life : 8 weeks wireless off
  • Price : $69
  • Kindle Accessories included : USB 2.0 charging cable (that's why I add up a power adapter so I can also charge it via sockets and an Amazon Leather case for protection since it doesn't have to have a screen protector)
 This kindle doesn't have a built in light but it's fine with me because I usually read books during daytime and at night, lights are always on so I don't have to worry for that part. The fast turning of pages is what makes this kindle superb from Kindle 4. You can read other buyer's review on the amazon website for further details about the product. I also like the free books I can purchase at the amazon store using wifi and I can even add my personal books on the library via usb transfer. 
What's more special with this kindle? Instead of paying for it from my own savings, my husband paid for it and gave it to me as a gift last Christmas 2012! But still thanks to Maycee for purchasing this gadget through Amazon store. :)

Watch out for my post on purchasing books from amazon to your kindle device.

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  1. yay! congrats on your new kindle :) i borrow my boyfriends kindle from time to time to read books, because reading from my laptop destroys my eyes ^^

    1. Thanks Shayne! Tinatamad ako magbasa kapag laptop gamit so I really pursue on having a kindle. Kapag kindle kasi pwede akong nakahiga. I have lots of ebooks here, if you want one just send me a message or leave your email add. :)

  2. really? that's so nice of you ^^ thanks, let me try emailing you using the one on you about me page :)


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