Extra Income: Paid to Post on Forums

Who wants extra income posting on forums just like other paid to post? But the cool thing here is no spamming allowed so it is really an interactive one and you will be paid accordingly on quality content posts.

What: Paid to Post in Forum (Morachat)
Payment Method: Paypal
Registration Fee: NONE
Account Expiry: NONE. You can be on/off for a year yet you can still get back to posting whenever you want and continue your earnings

Legitimacy: The site is UP and running for more than 2 years and guys have been cashing out for like 30+ times already. Though the forum is fresh now, it is because we have been on a new platform, so we're moving from the old site to a new one, and that is why it is okay now for us to refer new members.

Rate per post: Minimum rate per post is $0.02 but if you do have long quality post, you can have $0.04 in one reply or up to $1 per post (depends on bonus given to quality posers)

Minimum Cashout: $9. But a lot of us were cashing out when we reach $10 so we can have an initial of $1 left to our account to speed up our motivation to posting. I have cashout twice already and earned $30 for that. :) Instant cashout upon request. No waiting days unless admin is on leave.

Language: English post only

New: Bonus of $1 on your introduction post, just follow the guidelines and you will receive your bonus immediately!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this dear. I might try this one too :) Take care always! :)

    1. no problem :) let me know when you signed up so I can welcome you in the crowd.

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