The Good and the Bad of the 2nd check up

Today's check up was a bit nervous because this is my second check up and the doctor will tell if I am conceiving a twin or not. Last month, my hubby who accompanied me to Dra. Lim (also my SIL's OB) wasn't able to come with me today since he already left Philippines last March 21. Instead, I ask my cousin Tin-Tin to tag along because mom wouldn't allow me to go to the doctor without someone to assist me. We decided to visit the clinic by 10am just right before lunch. The usual routine would be asking my appointment, check up my blood pressure and weight if I gain. Surprisingly I didn't gain even 1 kg from my last visit. So we waited for awhile and then the secretary gave me a sample milk called "Similac" by Abbott. Doctor's recommended formula milk for mommie's to increase their folate intake and support baby's development. 
I got two samples and we were laughing a bit because the nurse also gave Tin-Tin another two samples. Kidding aside I was teasing her "siguro akala niya buntis ka din". Then my name was called and it's time for the ultrasound again. 
Nervously, I asked her if I am conceiving a twin or not, then she just replied, "just one". I don't really like her way of talking to her patients. Twas like a terror teacher who is telling her students to be silent. My thoughts from the first check up were just left hanging. My OB told me that the baby is not in good condition (mababa and nakasiksik) but still she doesn't explained that much leaving me with a question, what kind of condition am I experiencing right now. I am not allowed to travel nor join in a family swimming anymore. I got sad by the news to think that summer had just began. Also told me that my UTI is still existing that she prescribed me another set of medicines. I asked her if I can change my multivitamins because I have a hard time sleeping at night. But she doesn't change it and advise me that I should not take a nap during daytime. Sucks, because I really feel sleepy during daytime much more after eating lunch. I guess one of the symptoms of being pregnant is sleeping disorder. I also read from a book that some pregnant women experience insomnia. Again, she told me to drink lots of fluid, avoid caffeine and softdrinks, salty foods and eat nutritious foods. Now I realize that she's really a dietician because this has always been her advice, EAT AND DRINK. So I bought all the prescribed medicines at their counter and head back home. Sadden by the result, I manage to tell my husband's family that it wasn't a twin although I already have that in mind that having a twin is impossible because my husband is already a twin and from what we know, "possible lang ang kambal kung apo mo, pero dahil kambal na ang asawa mo, malabo na ang anak na kambal." I also sent an SMS to my husband about this. 

Now for the freebie, Similac, I tried it and it taste good just like Bearbrand. It doesn't have a foul smell nor taste. But when I check the counter for it's price it's a bit pricey compare to Anmum. So I didn't bother to buy one and what mom's always told me, I should drink Anmum instead. I have to wait for the Anmum sample so I can also see if it's really have a foul smell and taste just like what other mother's tell on forums. No matter what brand you're drinking, just make sure you are comfortable with the taste and smell of it and see the nutritional benefits you and your baby can gain afterwards. And oh, make sure that you are drinking a formule for mom's to be.

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