My Only Daughter Doesn't Need a Sibling

Yes. As I always tell my friends and family whenever they tell me that I need to have another one. Because life without a sibling is rare, complicated and sad. Really? When did having a sibling is a compulsory thing when you are just happy with having one?

How many child do you have?
You need to have atleast one more.
No. I don't.
But it's sad when she grows up without having someone by her side.
It's harder for me.

It's even harder to explain my side everytime this issue is brought up right in front of my face. I guess I was just being practical because I know for sure, that time will come I won't be enough to raise two heads at the same time, alone. Why? Because parenting solo while the other half is working hard across the miles is even harder than I thought. I need not just balance the time, but also the money at stake. After all, sending them to school really is a big money involve.

That even if I am also working at home, our finances are not that big enough to cover or have another person added in our family right now. Never did I imagine life with 2 kids at tow. 

When I got my daughter, I always envisioned myself of parenting my baby girl, only girl. I wasn't ready, ever ready for another one. Some might think it is selfish. But atleast I want to be that mom who says "I survived another day" instead of "I don't like kids anymore". Not even imagining life that I will be, one day, a damsel in distress because I couldn't feed or send them to school both.

So yes, I am just being a typical slash practical mom in here. 

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  1. Just make sure you single child will have may playmates. Otherwise single children tend to be selfish because they don't learn how to share.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Children learn the art of sharing as they grow up. As long as it is not insisted sharing it's good. and of course my daughter will have her playmates because socializing is not a problem for single children.


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