Paymaya Account Registration and Verification

When I get back on track, working at home, there are so many things I need to be updated to. From job platforms to online payment. Although I know a few like Paypal and GCash, I still always need to be updated just in case these two payment facilities failed to provide me a decent payroll account. I've been a loyal Globe subscriber and we all know that Telecom companies always have their own apps which are beneficial to theirs subscribers. I am happy to know that they no longer limited their apps to their respective users. They are both available to all networks.

Just recently, I learned that Paymaya improve a lot. So I decided to create my own account so that I can have an alternative payment facility since GCash focus on giving out freebies and promos to new subscribers and not into loyal users. Here's a simple tutorial on how to create your own account.

1. Download the paymaya app.
2. Use my code below to have your very first Php100 in Paymaya wallet once you upgraded your account. Yes, you heard it right. Upon registration and upgrade completion there's already a bonus of Php100.

Paymaya Referral Code: 1ltu0og

3. Fill up the required information when you sign up. Complete the requirements like the photo of your ID + Video Selfie.
4. Upgrade is necessary so you can fully use the app, from adding money to withdrawal and of course the referral code so you can earn too. 
5. Verification takes 24-48 hours. Apparently, it's not automatically. I contact Paymaya through Facebook and state that my account wasn't upgraded after fulfilling the requirement. After not more than 24 hours of waiting, my account was upgraded. 

You will receive an SMS notification once upgrade is initiated and once your account is fully verified. 

And that's it. Once your account is upgraded, you will receive your Php100 in your account. 

Aside from the Php100 in my account, I also received a Welcome bonus: Php25

Why did I opt for Paymaya this time?
- Paymaya offers no limit on load cashback. Unlike GCash which has a limit of Php50 cash rebate.
- Paymaya offers rebate on bills payment paid on Friday and Saturday of the month.
- Aside from the load rebate, Paymaya also offers additional 10% rebate on Promo Days. You just need to check on their facebook page for other promotional that Paymaya offers.

Don't hesitate to ask in comment section the details you might want to know regarding the Paymaya. I will also try other Paymaya features and will make a blog post for each of them.

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  1. My paymaya Account has a duplicate please erase my old number 09101262324 i have no longer Access
    This is my paymaya new Account 09434177212 Thank you Gaudecio F. Palis


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