How We Ended Up in a Regular School instead of SPED

This is a long overdue post and I am still hesitant to share some deets because I know for sure that many would disagree with our way of parenting Isobelle ever since she was diagnosed with Globally Delay Development. But, I didn't regret any of the decision my husband and I made since then, but honestly, those opinions (said by Professional, family & friends) matter too and somehow makes me wonder what if. But as soon as we entered a regular school, everything went well (sometimes not) and of course, there are many curious parents and questions everytime they see us around. Quite annoying sometimes and I even feel embarrassed not because of Isobelle but because of how some people really makes us feel that we are different.

Okay, to sum it up, 2 years ago, our Developmental Pedia advise us to enroll Isobelle to a SPED school. The thing is, SPED schools here are also expensive plus we need to regularly attend her Occupational Therapy and start on Speech Therapy sooner. During that time, we have another goal in mind, not that Isobelle isn't our top priority but of course, we do not want to suffer as my husband and I both know that there will be no people who would help us with this financially, even physically. On top of it, I cannot dwell on the situation that time because of the inconvenience it will brought us. We are also nearing the turnover of our house and we will need much more money for the kitchen extension so we can finally move in. 

Private SPED schools in the city are also limited, there are only 3 choices, apart from the school adjacent to the Helping Hands Clinic which is the affiliated school for the patients. The distance from our house and to our "new home" is also far from it. It was a tough decision but I already have a plan in mind. Since Isobelle was only turning 4 that time, the age too early for me to send her to school, it somehow made me commit to just homeschool and do the things she do during therapy sessions. I know I am a stubborn one. But this will not just help us ease our "soon to be burden" and financial problems but this will serve as a choice as well. Some even say that we are selfish for not giving the best that we can give and using up all our income to building the house instead of attending to Isobelle's needs. How devastating but that doesn't hinder us to what we have plan for Isobelle. I know God will provide. We need a comfortable shelter for now apart from toxic environment.

We moved to our new home December 2018 and we really have adjustments from living alone to commuting since we are far from the highway and far from the normal busy city we have back then. But it's refreshing and quiet living here at our new home. I started looking for school that can accommodate Isobelle for her needs instead of opting to far SPED schools and even the public SPED school I know. It's not my idea actually but my husband is decided that she like our daughter to enroll at Casa del Bambino. I was hesitant because they might say NO for an assessment. Why? One of the top schools here in City didn't allowed us for a summer trial classes before so I was worried we might not be allowed in other regular school too. 

Came January, we showed for the assessment and I carefully told them the situation. They told me that of course they will need to know the assessment first and how it would turn out will be our last resort. But rest assured that they won't turn us down without the assessment of the child. Luckily, Isobelle did well and even the Teacher (her adviser now) asked us if we would like to enroll her to a Junior Casa (Kinder 1) instead of what I chose, Bambini (Pre-school). I told her I still prefer the latter because Isobelle doesn't even have a formal Daycare class, only our homeschooling lessons. 

I do not want Isobelle to suffer her first days of school either. I just want her to mingle with her classmates and be able to grasp the school and classroom environment from now. Glad that she really like it, going to school and attending to her classes everyday. Only sickness hinder us to not be able to come to school before. She is also participating with the class as what her teacher told me.

She was doing well with her seatwork, assignment, class participation and even if sometimes she throws tantrums inside their classroom, the teacher told me that Isobelle still can follow directions. The only problem? Her behavior since she was always standing and wanted to answer her teacher's questions all the time. And since at the age of mimicking one's action or words, she's really enthusiastic not just to follow her teacher, but also what the teacher says. Too much. Like when her teacher told the class "Quiet" or "Don't shout", she even bring it with her at home. But most of all, her fine motor skills really needs more practice for her to be able to write efficiently. 

I cut Isobelle's screentime on weekdays so she could focus on academics and we can review before bedtime. She obey me and always excited to answer her assignments at home. There are times when she's grumpy so what I do is not force her to do her task and just adjust the time. She's able to play with her kindle during weekends, Friday until Sunday morning only. 

The Principal and I haven't talk about Isobelle ever since the classes started. Of course we need to ensure that both ends meet the goal aside from Isobelle's development inside the classroom. Isobelle already surpass the first trimester of the school year and though she's thriving to be able to meet her developmental age, I am happy to see her at her school now. Her classmates may be younger than her but I am also beyond grateful that my co-parents are not taking her differently and negatively inside the classroom. I really hope that she can surpass this school year and be able to enroll on the next stage of her education. 

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