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I think part of adulting process nowadays is to progressively and consciously watch out for your health. Some people opt for yoga class...

I think part of adulting process nowadays is to progressively and consciously watch out for your health. Some people opt for yoga classes, 2-3 times a week zumba dance, muay thai and boxing for those who wanted to have a regular exercise. Me? I opt for the easiest way and a cheaper way to track my daily exercise. Apparently, I really can't devote to an hour or so exercise even at home. Why do I need to exercise if I am not that fat? Of course, I want to be fit and get rid of my bulging "mommy waist". I am conscious on how people would always react that I look like a pregnant woman. Indeed, this makes me realize that I am not really moving inside the house.

The key to attain a fit body is to sleep early, walk atleast 8,000 steps, drink atleast 8 glasses a day and avoid as much as possible, fatty foods. They are the least likely my routine but I know that it is possible. For one, I sleep at 3 am everyday, woke up 9 in the morning. I drank only 7 glasses I am not mistaken as I am not into water really. I eat junk foods even at the wee hours. I started to dance along with zumba dance online but sometimes I cannot keep up the pacing and the timing. Not a pro dancer here really.  

I look for a fitness band online and the cheaper ones landed me to Lazada and Shopee. At first, I was eyeing for the fitness band I found at Kimstore but since my sister in law wants to purchase a printer online, I took the opportunity to get my free shipping and added an M2 Band in my cart.

  • M2 band is a touch screen device that lets you monitor pedometer or your daily walk. 
  • It also serves as a regular watch as you lift your wrist, it will display the current time in the screen. The M2 band also can ready your pulse rate and your mileage of sports. 
  • It also displays the calories burned during your day activity. 
  • One more thing I like about it is, it will constantly remind you that you haven't been moving in an hour. 
  • Also, it serves as my alarm clock as it vibrates on my set alarm. I like it because usually, whenever I set an alarm on my phone, I can't sleep well as I am waiting for it to alarm.
  • It also vibrates whenever someone is calling me, this is my favorite because a lot of times I wasn't able to answer calls when I left my phone at my room or inside a bag.
  • You can also set the M2 band when someone sends you a text message but I didn't turn it on because it keeps on flashing and annoys me when I set as it also works on apps like facebook messenger.
  • It gives me 5 days continuous usage before it gets empty.
  • It has an app which you can monitor your progress in a day, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

  • Though the M2 band has a manual along with the box, it doesn't clearly states on how to operate it. I search through youtube when I wanted to figure out on something.
  • Until now, I can't figure out the sleep monitoring feature of this fitness band. 
  • When I forgot to wear the M2 band for a longer period, it doesn't update the app and turns to zero. So there are days on my report that I haven't walk for a day even if I did so.
  • I have to remove it from time to time more of if I have to wash the dishes because mine is not waterproof. 
Overall, I still give it a four star review since mostly, it helps me. It's lightweight, comfortable to wear and quick charging too. If you are looking for a fitness band with light features, why not try M2 band similar to mine or choose the waterproof band if you are prone to water activities.

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  1. I just got the m2 fitness band and there are no instructions. What app do I need to download to my phone?

    1. You need to download the app Droi Health: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zhuoyou.plugin.running&hl=en


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