Skinpotions Haul and Blogger Mail

My Skinpotions Acne Pie soap is used up already so the first thing that came to my mind is to switch to another soap under the same brand. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely satisfied with Skinpotions Acne Pie soap but I wanted to try their whitening soap as well. So the moment I set my feet at Skinpotions kiosk, I purchased two variant, the Acne Pie Soap and Watermelon Shocker. But let me share you too, the two items I got from Skinpotions itself, the Do The Matte Lipstick in Hazel and Snow Frost Lotion.

Just in case you missed my recent review on Acne Pie Soap and Tomato Serum, you might wanna check this link: SkinPotions: The Ultimate Potion I Ever Tried. I achieved the no pimple before and after my monthly period, and I wanted to try other SkinPotions products like the whitening soap. Since I have no soap anymore, I opt to buy at their SM kiosk again. I bought the Watermelon Shocker for a change and again, the Acne Pie soap just in case I didn't like the result of the new variant.

In one wash, I notice that my skin looks fairer. But after a day, small zits were appearing. To my dismay I discontinue using it and just use it as a body soap instead. Honestly, I didn't really like to have a whiter skin, I am content with my fair complexion but I thought some of their product would also be compatible to my skin. Good thing, the Acne Pie soap really works wonder on my skin. I got rid of the zits again.

When I publish my recent post about SkinPotions Acne Pie soap and Tomato Serum, I also share it to SkinPotions facebook page and luckily they send me some products, a thank you gift. I receive the Snow Frost Lotion and Do the Matte Lipstick in Hazel shade.

I immediately use the lotion, though I am not really fan of lotions. Snow Frost Lotion has this distinct smell at first, I thought I was gonna puke. But sooner the smell gets nice day by day. It's fragrance is long lasting to skin and not even sticky. One factor that I want for creams and lotions is that it won't give me a sticky feeling after using it.

The Do The Matte Lipstick is a turn on color for me. It's like a purple shade on my lips. It dries up easily but gives you a glossy finish when in picture. Here's the swatch.

So far, that's the new items I've tried with SkinPotions variant. Hopefully I get to try their products soon. Have you tried using the SkinPotions soap and other products?

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