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One of the common problem among our hair may it be men or women is the itchy and visible dandruff. It's a major turn off to everybody whenever we see white flakes on our head. But I myself also suffer from that from time to time due to my shampoo, not well enough cleaning and washing my hair due to rush and sometimes, stress. Yes, stress also contributes a little factor on our dandruff issues. Surprisingly, we can control it or even avoid it. 

Last year, when I was not really active into blogging because I was still thinking of my niche, I posted some review on Merry Sun's Beauty Products sponsored by Chingky's Corner. Ate Chingky was generous enough to send some products for me to try and review. But rest assured that I only post an honest review based on what I experience. Just in case you miss it, you can read it here: 

But last December 2017, at the peak of Merry Sun's Olive Shampoo, I decided to buy it and try it for myself. The only question I had that time was if it will leave my hair oily as oily hair tends to give me pimples right after. Ate Chingky assured me that it didn't have that oily shine after using it. Mid January 2018 I used it for the first time.

First Impression
It was quite big for my consumption and I don't normally buy big bottles because my hair tends to have a problem as I use a variety of shampoo for a long time. I have dry and wavy hair due to everyday pulling back my hair into a ponytail, hence the mommy bun if you know what I mean. My hair is also not that healthy because of split ends and still working on the damaged hair because of curling issues before. So the big bottle is still at my bathroom, and I think it will still be good this month for use. I can't imagine that I was able to consume it. And surprisingly, for 4 months. It might be pricey for Php250 but imagine the savings of consuming it for 4 months when in fact I always consume a bottle of Php95 for a month before. 

I thought that it was green, but it was only the bottle and the shampoo is white of course. The scent of the shampoo is similar to a well known lotion but honestly I can't figure it out if it's Alyssa Musk or Jergens.

On my first use, my hair gets frizzy and really looks dry, but soft to touch.

Why I still use it after the first impression?
Of course every product's effectiveness relies on days not just a day. I always make it a point to use products within 1-2 months period unless otherwise I suffer from itchiness or redness or any red signal with my body. Within 1 month I tend to see that the effectiveness is not 100% on my hair. Not all products are effective, take note for it. I always believe in the saying "hiyangan lang din naman ang bawat produkto" therefore I conclude and I advice to not always rely on every person's recommendation. Always take a risk and see it for yourself.

How effective it is?
As I've said, it's not totally 100% effective because for some reason, whenever I shampoo my hair, I am in a rush, so I tend to rinse off my shampoo not too long. I do not use the shampoo everyday because I also have to use weekly treatment. My dandruff isn't totally gone because I am not shampooing my hair fairly and washing off poorly. If I have to rate its effectiveness over mine, it's absolutely 80%. My split ends are reduced even the frizzy look. I have soft hair and with volume.

What's the verdict?
I still recommend it for those who have dandruff issues and wanted to have a soft hair with less breakage. I used this product for almost 4 months and still counting. Try it for you to see the results with your hair.

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  1. Hi, I'd like to ask if this shampoo is free from paraben, phtalate & sulfate? Thanks

    1. What I am sure of is it is Paraben free and Sulfate free.


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