Jaguar Electronics 10050 mAh Powerbank

I purchased the #Jaguar 10050mAh powerbank at Kimstore last 2016. I was ecstatic with its features and it is handy. For the price of Php550 which is already a discounted price compare to mall price, I am relieved that it still gives me the best performance up to date. I always use the powerbank even when I am at home but I rarely use the built-in flashlight.

Charging time of the powerbank is maximum of 5 hours for me. I always use the Output 1 port when charging my phone because I find it much faster than the other port. 

I have my Sony Xperia z5 compact which has 2700mAh so I expected a three full battery charge with this powerbank. I make it a point to leave a 10% battery on my phone, but no activity whenever I charge it. Here's my tally:

First charging time at 10% battery, from 6:48 PM - 8:44 PM I got a full charge.

Second charging time at 10% battery, from 10:50 AM - 01:00 PM I got a full charge. I always use my mobile data at home that's why I easily emptied my battery everyday.

Third charging time at 10% battery the next day, from 9:51 AM - 11:55 AM I got a full charge and the powerbank still have 1 battery light left.

For the last battery of powerbank, I charged my phone with 13% battery left, at 12:48 AM to 01:03 AM giving me a 26% battery and the powerbank empty with a blinking light.

I was about to try the powerbank for the flashlight if it will still be usable with that power left but I forgot to do so. So I think I'll just give another review for the built-in flashlight feature next time.

The built-in flashlight has three modes of light, from super lit to dim light. The powerbank has an auto on/off feature when charging phones. I like the fact that it's automatically turning on when I connect my device and shuts down after a full charge. I also use it for charging my kindle, my mini fan and pocketwifi.

You can place an order thru #Kimstore. They accepts walk-in transaction but make sure to ask first if they have stocks before heading to their nearest branch. You can also ask Kimstore to ship the item or cash on delivery method. I was lucky enough to have a friend to cater my order so I didn't pay for the delivery fee. 

Overall rating is 4.5 out of 5. The other half rate is meant for the powerbank weight. It's still bulky for me and I want a lightweight one but the performance of the Jaguar powerbank is really great.

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