Spending Sundays Attending Church Mass

When I was in high school I used to spend my Sunday afternoon with my bestfriend going to church. But we didn't have to go inside. Full of people in every corner, we just have our usual spot. The tree near the entrance is where we will always see each other. That was our weekly plan, away from school and stress and to be able to spend time for each other. Those were the days we really spend time chattering right after mass or going somewhere to dine. But ever since I got married and have a kid, we rarely see each other and we hardly talk. 

When I got married and after our confessions (a pre-requisite for newly weds or couples who were about to get married), my husband told me that he wanted to spend every Sundays hearing on church mass. Well it wasn't hard at first since we were just two. And her mother usually go to church every first Sunday of the month, like a panata.  

I myself on the other hand sworn that when a baby is on our way, I will visit Caleruega once again to honor and to give thanks for the blessing. I am fond of visiting different churches with different history and much more the location. Even after my exams, I prayed for an intention that I hope to pass it since a lot of takers wasn't able to pass the Civil Service Exam. I visited Monte Maria along with my husband. We already have a kid back then. 

My husband who is an OFW is quite drawn to an idea of spending Sundays at church but I have this lame excuse of it's not easy and comfortable for me if we attend mass during Sundays with our daughter. Isobelle is malikot and not patient to stay in one place. And I also said that whenever we attend mass, I wanted to fully hear it especially the homily. But with a kid, it gets me frustrated whenever we can't finish the whole mass, even reach the homily part. So it was really a struggle for me. I know my husband is sometimes disappointed on this matter. But what can I do? Even if I wanted to, we just can't be attending mass and cutting it off, wander somewhere else. 

But this year, I thought we could finish his entire vacation without an absent. But at the end of the week, sucks that it is the last week alone, I have to skip going to church because Isobelle got sick and needed so much attention. In fact that night she was crying until 4am. So imagine my sleepy face and wanting to attend the needs of my husband too. I was hoping he would take the afternoon mass so we can go together but he didn't. Sadly, he go to church in the morning and left us both, me and my daughter. I presume that he really wanted to take Sundays for God. Lucky wife, yes, because I got a man who wants to serve God on Sundays. Don't get me wrong. I also wanted too. But the situation is always wanting me to pull off. 

And after that I am back to not attending Sunday church again. I have to stay at home and just read Rica Bonifacio's free ebook Better Than Jewels which I got for free. Yes, she's giving away her book last month and I grab that opportunity as I don't have enough money to buy the hard cover. On Sundays, I reflect and read her book. 

I feel guilty sometimes that I wasn't able to attend Sunday mass. Hopefully Isobelle will learn to attend Sunday mass too so we can be together every Sundays.

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