Potty Training: How to Transition your toddler from Nappy to Potty

I've been on the loop on how should I integrate the potty training again to my 4 year old daughter. The constant stress and inability to follow schedule has been my problem ever since. Since I am the only one with my daughter, the struggle between doing chores and allowing her to fully learn the potty training is really hard for me. There was a time when we almost hit the 2nd day but then we had to discontinue doing it so because we have an emergency travel the 3rd day. The learning process on being a mommy fulltime has been challenging for me day 1 up to present. It was like I am always on the go to learn and accept challenges everyday.

Sooner, Isobelle will outgrow her nappies and I should really start potty training again. I thought husband's arrival will help me ease with this, but we haven't tried for quite some time and Isobelle is still having a hard time to learn to use the potty. I bought two kinds of it but she doesn't want to use them as her potty. Using the toilet is a scary deal for her and her other potty is just like a regular toy for her usage. Stressful and I am getting frustrated. 

So how did I got cues that she's ready?
  1. I told her to pat me whenever she feels the urge to go potty, may it be #1 (pee) or #2 (poo). But to my dismay, she only pat me when she have #2. Which is somehow quite interesting since she is the one who tells me she needs to be washed. She'll pat me or tell me "ADAPO" (I have a poo) whenever she soiled her nappies. Success on telling her she wants to pee is underrated though. She doesn't tell me when she does.
  2. When she wants to pee, I should be fully watching her or keep her on the watch. Usually, she will pee after 10 minutes or so, depends on the water intake. But other times, when I am not looking, she already have a pee on the floor. If I am watching her for the 15 minutes period, I notice that she will grab her private part and then comes next is her pee. For the whole day, at the rate of 5, I have a successful 2 wins over her. If I am going to take her to the bathroom, she will have this anguish and frustration whenever she didn't. So the quick 10 minutes break to let her go to the bathroom is not a success for us.
  3. She always grab her nappies and feels like she wanted to dispose them immediately. She's uncomfortable using it and always tangling it. 
  4. If she wanted to remove it, she will remove it! There was a time when she just remove it on her own since I already teach her that part that when we are about to take a bath, she will remove her clothes and then go straight to the bathroom. Even if she have a poo, she will instantly remove it.
  5. She quickly adapts using the easy to wear nappy pants which we use at daytime and that's her learning tool for easier removing of nappies.
But seeing this signs doesn't guarantee us a 100% success on potty training. We are still learning the baby steps and I hope that before she turns 5, she knows the potty training already, even before she ran out of nappies to use.

How was your potty training going? Can you share me some tips on how to win on this journey?

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