My Love Language Personal Profile Result

Last time, I shared with you our fair share of Love Language using the Words of Affirmation. Today I will be sharing the result of the exam I took when I finished reading the book. Hooray for that as I hardly finish a kindle eBook for awhile because I'm a mom and sometimes I ran out of time. It's actually a bit due because it was last year when I had the results, but I am still contemplating on what to share really.

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I was actually surprised, even my husband because the results were in fact not my expected result. I thought the "Receiving Gifts" will be the highest, but I actually have a tie highest pointer.

I know for sure that I've been meaning to have some quality time to my husband because lately we've been swamped with parental duties with our dear Isobelle. I also become stressed due to conflicts with therapy, dealing with other people and balancing my time towards my husband and my daughter, much more to myself. So, from time to time I've been asking for a day or two to relax but that is not really the issue for us both. We only have 45-60 days in a year together so the time isn't that fulfilling sometimes. Good thing he managed to totally give me my demands and my tantrums after a thorough explanation of what I am dealing lately.

Well for words of affirmation, I've already discussed that matter before but on my behalf, I also wanted to have that kind of appreciation with regards to my husband. Of course, a simple gesture of appreciation for what I have accomplished for a day is enough for my 2-3 days energy to survive mommy-hood again. Who doesn't want that right?

Well the last one, acts of service serves right. Because I wasn't really needing for that. Thanks God for having my husband who always do the extra chores for me without the need to ask him to. Even before we got married, he was extravagant with that. I asked him lately why he do so and if he feels obligated to do chores whenever we're together. Well, he said no because he wants to do that for me. He wants to serve me even if I didn't ask for it. That's why in return I make sure that we divided each task without the need to nag every chore. Thanks God we never argue that way.

How about you, have you taken the exam already? What is your love language?

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