Book Review: 10 Things We Fight About

Just a small introduction before I have my fair share of discussing the book with you. I've been a fan of Maricar when I saw her acting career debuted at ABS-CBN. She was still a fresh face in the industry but her acting was so intense. Since then I follow her beautiful face from magazines to articles online. I am not a die hard fan, I just feel like I wanted her character so much. So classy, brainy and simply beautiful. After the "big" issue, I was like, how is it possible to handle such issues like this? She remain silent above it all. She remain tough and survive after the storm without even hitting rock bottom. She just rise above again just like Neri. I admired their character much more. That is why I am not surprise with their blessings after the chaos. They are both empowered women now. Both have partners in life and have their respective business. Now, they also have their own take on family life. Neri is writing on her social media accounts sharing her venture on family life and being a wais misis. While Maricar writes on a blog with her husband Mr. Poon, also sharing on facebook and turn it into a book. How happy I am to hold their first book even without the actual signatures on it because I can't wait to have a copy anymore.

10 Things We Fight About discusses the usual fights among relationships, may it be BF-GF thingy or the couples. Of course, the need to read it is one of my relationship goal since I know for sure that I can relate on most of the things they wrote in the book. And YES I am right. But, let me tell you how I ended up having the urge to buy the book. I was rooting for devotionals and self help books for couples when I stumble upon Relationship Matters blog. After reading their entry about "Leave and Cleave" I soon become a follower of their account. I even read the book they've been reading entitled "His Needs, Her Needs" and "The Five Love Languages". They have simple write ups, straightforward and not the kind of article that is misleading. 

What are the conflicts I can relate into? Let me tackle some.

1. Ticking Time Bomb - I am always in this manner when we fight. Because some nights my husband just snap at me and not talk to me so he can have a good sleep. Then came morning he will make lambing and I will be the one to snap at him because of what he did the other night. So to solve that, I told my husband that some nights I want to have a heart to heart talk with him before we say goodnight. Since not all the days we are together in one bed, and it's heartwarming to have him beside me and talk about matters we only discuss through messenger (coz we are in LDR for almost 8 years now.

2. ‎It's how you said it and Raising Voices are somehow alike for our part because we always have these conflicts on our first to 3rd year of marriage. But as time goes by it lessens because we learn to raise our voices in a manner that we should address the issue between us. 

3. ‎From Anger to Self Pity - I am guilty with this. Always 100% 😂 I was always the one to get angry and end up self pitying that I got a "sorry" at the end of it all even of I didn't deserve it. Well, the wife is always right, right? Kidding. I am still on a learning process with this one though and husband is giving me his best to understand.

4. ‎Lending Money to Others - When we are not yet married my husband used to lend money to others and its okay because it is his hard earned money. But before we reach our married life, he used to asked me first and so the blame will always be put on myself if I said NO. I was like "madamot" at all that I can't even reasoned out my part to those who wants to lend money from my husband. That is because we value our "decisions" mostly. We get to decide together over things before we commit. There are light ones that only needed one decision though we still asked each other. But when it comes to money, we always have TWO. So when other people are lending money towards us, we tend to make them understand that we should know both. They need to ask us both and not just ask husband or me. Then one of us will reply if it's a No or Yes. This is to avoid conflict between us, as I easily snap when I learn about it from anyone else. There was also a time when I lend my Credit Card without my husband's knowledge, confident enough that the person was a good payor. But I was wrong as I face unsettled payments that earned interest. I ended up paying for it, financially and physically. I learned from it. So now, there are no other people who use my credit card aside from myself. 

Those are my self experience and we are still facing conflicts from time to time. May it be same or different, new or existing, we cater to always talk about it. They always say that having something to argue in a relationship is healthier that nothing to argue at all. Couples tend to talk about the matter, deal with it and learn from it. This book will make us realize that no couples are having no conflicts at all. Even the most sweetest couple in a photo always have their fair share of arguments. They are just good enough and tough to handle it themselves. 

10 Things We Fight About is available on leading bookstores nationwide or send a message through their website for online purchases with Richard and Maricar's signature in every copy. Just visit their website at

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, nor a request review for the book. This is solely based on my experience and my opinion after reading the book. 

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