A little piece of Italy at Koibito's World of Gelato

I was thrilled by the fact that I got to meet the power couple of Hello Lipa, much more, I will be able to taste the Gelato difference from what I usually have, the ice cream. I am an ice cream lover and my favorite is Cookies n Cream flavor. But today, I got to #tastethekoibitosdifference and have a new favorite flavor.

I set my foot at Koibito's World of Gelato before 2:30 PM as agreed on the call time with kuya Jayzar. I was welcome by the man itself and her wife ate Aisha and handed me the gift certificates as we talked for a few info since it is really our first meeting. But I was startruck at the moment with their ambasadress and their production team. 

Photo with Ms. Ciacia
Woah, talking about professionalism? Surely, Hello Lipa have guts with it. No wonder they were invited with a lot of establishments at Lipa since the first time they were introduced. I also got the chance to meet Kurdapya, the crowd favorite for every Kabatang Live update, even if she's nowhere to find, she is always mentioned. 

Ms. Cath aka Kurdapya
Fast forward with the delightment, I also meet my online co-mommy now turned co-blogger who recently moved from Cavite to Batangas. 

Jaymee of Surviving Three Kids One at a Time
I actually referred her so she can also be expose to certain bloggers activity on her area with Lipa Team and of course, my Kabatang Family. 

Hello Lipa and Kabatang
So, my usual drill includes picture taking, adding video and facing my shyness towards being interview in front of a camera. We were interviewed by none other than Hello Lipa ambasadress Ciacia and I stutter while I was promoting my social media accounts and it was really funny earlier because instead of looking at the camera, I got my eyes fixed on the microphone alone. I think we all have our eyes glued on it 😂 Poor me, luckily the camera man instructed us where to look at. 

BTS of our interview, credits to Koibito's FB page

Now let's proceed to the main event, food tasting! We were given a cup of 3 flavors. We have the privilege to choose among the premium and special flavors. Ha, talking about blogger perks here. It's so hard for me to choose but for today I have 3 special flavors, I save the other flavor because I know that I will be coming back to this for sure. 

My Special Flavors: Bazooka Bubblegum, Bavarian Crunch and of course Oreos and Milk

I asked Jaymee to have her cup filled with flavors different from mine so I can have a picture of it too. 

Jaymee's cup have French Vanilla, Pistacchio and Ferrero

The verdict? Bazooka Bubblegum is oozing with the candy flavor in it. It's really just like munching the bubblegum itself. It's sweetness exploded into my mouth as I have a spoonful of it. The Oreos and Milk lose its power over the Bazooka Bubblegum. Maybe because I got to taste the latter first that the flavor is still lingering in my mouth for awhile. But it's far more different than the usual Oreos and Milk flavor of the ice cream I have. Bavarian Crunch is also rich with its sweetness, it has it's own signature of not too much sweetness but a little bit of I can't exactly described what it is so I am telling you, the next time you visit Koibito's, add the flavor in your cup so you'll know what I am talking about. That's how I ended up having a new favorite flavor of ice cream. But I only got three today, and I haven't tasted their best seller Premium flavor the Ferrero Rocher so let's see what will happen the next time I visit Koibito's again. Surely I will never miss every flavor they have. 

Drooling with these flavors

Premium Flavors
Pistacchio, Cremino, Tiramisu, Batangas Tablea, Kapeng Barako and their best seller, Ferrero

Special Flavors includes
Oreos and Milk, Nutty Strawberry, Cookie Butter, Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, Bavarian Crunch, Caramel Panna Cotta, Bazooka Bubblegum, Nocciola Hazelnut

A closer look to Gelato goodness

My Gelato experience doesn't ended up there. I tried their pastry too. Pastry that is also flavorful enough in just a bite because of the sandwiched Gelato and the pastry itself.

Caramel Brownies - Salted Caramel Gelato sandwiched between rich triple-chocolate brownies and and drizzled with white chocolate

The Caramel Brownies is heaven already, the combination of salted caramel with chocolate brownies that is sooooo sweet is just right combo.

Oatmeal and Cream - French Vanilla Gelato sandwiched in deliciously soft oatmeal -raisin cookies hinted with cinnamon

The french vanilla in the oatmeal balances the goodness of pastry over the gelato. How did they match these goodness so perfect? Well, read on full story here: The Story Behind Koibito's World of Gelato

To summarize it all, I will share you my video and other photos on my facebook page and follow me on my foodstagram account too.

Koibito’s World of Gelato, ground level of High 5 Square, JP Laurel Highway Lipa, Batangas.

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