Most Convenient Food Chain Delivery at Batangas

In times like this where #MaringPH is hindering me to go outside because of floods and inconvenience to wander somewhere, I can count on to my favorite convenient food delivery here at Batangas. It's Greenwich Delivery time!

Why Greenwich Delivery is my favorite delivery service so far?

Talking about convenience? Greenwich now accepts SMS based delivery and they will be the one who will call you for your order once their system receive it. Here's how:

Text PIZZA<SPACE><YOUR CITY> and send to 0919-88-55555 or 0905-88-55555. 

The system also records your personal info; address and contact # once you order at them. So the next orders, they will just confirm if you are still using the same info from your first order. 

How long does it take to make an order with the SMS based delivery system? Once you send a message you will receive a confirmation from Greenwich. 

"Thank you for choosing Greenwich Express SMS System. Please keep your phone line open. We will call you within 2mins.Good day."

Normally, a call will be 10-15 minutes from the time you receive the confirmation but its okay since I think there are others who use the service and of course we have to adjust the time of our order for them to process just in time for your preferred schedule. I always make sure to make an hour of allowance when I order. 

Once your order is processed, they will tell you or you should ask the time frame of the delivery. Usually I got a 30-45 minutes waiting time.

And since I don't have a landline to order for delivery, Greenwich is by far my most convenient delivery here at Batangas because they are just one SMS away.

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