Meraki Supply Clothing Line

A new clothing line named "Meraki Supply" owned by Mr. Robniel C. Manalo is taking up my facebook newsfeed for a week already. The brand means to do something with love, passion, with absolute devotion and uplift positivity.

MERAKI is influence by indie pop, alternative and indietronica music so expect all coming designs plays around this theme.

How it started: According to Mr. Robniel he's been designing as a freelance illustrator/concept artist for international brands for garments in the last 8 years of his career. He always dream of starting his own brand but his job kept him busy from doing it. Then in mid July this year, favorable time knocks him to start a clothing line and named it MERAKI SUPPLY.

Their niche market are passionate individuals who love music inpired streetwear and local brand with style.

Thanks Meraki for my shirt!
I received my own shirt from Meraki and I love their shirt. Even if I don't really like the white color shirt, I like the quality and it's simplicity. It is indeed a local brand but quality at its finest. Each shirt cost Php399 but I assure you that every penny is worth it.

What to expect with Meraki Brand?

Product Design: Mainly music inspired shirts but we have upcoming designs for caps, hoodies, shorts,socks and sandos.

Quality: 100% premium cotton shirts imported from US. Prints and label varries from rubberized, embossed and embroidered graphics/typographies.

Shirts are available in XS, S , M , L and XL.

Available Designs:

For orders please contact this #: 09236940593 or send a message through their Facebook Page Meraki.

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