My Top Favorites at Kree-Mee Premium Shakes

For the love of ice cream and shakes, an inspiration to couples Ma'am Maggie and Sir Heinz, come up a unique business located at the heart of Lipa.

We were served with shakes, pasta, sandwiches and fries enough to make our tummy super busog. Flavorful, enticing and affordable foodie perfect for the wander mommy like me. The weather also didn't stop us for this kind of food tasting, super lamig at mahangin sa Lipa, tapos nasa harap namin ang apat na dambuhalang shakes. Imagine the chilling experience we had!

You can also view my video here: Kree-Mee Lipa Premium Shakes
Listed below are my top favorites:

Garlic Butter Potato Cone - Yummy Fries on the go
No wonder this is my favorite as I didn't have a single photo for this but just enjoy munching every bit of it. I am a garlic flavored fan, so this is a bit bias for me. Masarap eh!

Queen's Grilled Cheese Imperial Ham
Though I am not quite sure about the "pineapple" taste in it, I like how it compliments with the sandwich. Just the right blend of a sandwich I am looking for.

Queen's Grilled Cheese Imperial Ham
Look how affordable the menus are:

Though these 3 pictures below are not included on my top favorites, I can also assure you that they taste really good. The Chicken Fillet filled in this sandwich tastes like the Chicken Fillet we love at McDonalds.

Queen's Grilled Cheese Chicken Fillet
These pasta seems to taste just the same for me but you can see that they really look different in their appearance. It's like a taste of the "tomato sauce" pasta in each one that makes it the same.

Tomato Basil Parmesan
Four Cheese Pasta
Now let me drool you with their signature ice cream blended shakes that you can also upgrade or boost with other premium chocolates like Hersheys, Twix, Toblerone and Milkyway to name a few. Kung broken hearted ka teh, o feel mo lang na mag-emote over a tub of ice cream, I suggest you just visit Kreemee Lipa and indulge yourself for a glass of ice cream blended shakes. Kasi dito kumpleto rekados na, may ice cream ka na, may chocolate ka pa.

Kreemee Lipa Premium Shakes
Address: Dayton Food Park, Ayala Highway, Lipa City
Phone Number: 0915 695 4727
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday at 1PM to 10PM and Friday to Sunday at 1PM to 11PM.

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