Cintai Coritos Garden

They always say that being at Coritos will take you to Bali. Well, I might say it is. It is great for relaxation because the nature is really alive in that area. Although I was expecting a little bit of more sophisticated touch of the garden, my hopes had failed me. The vicinity is too wide to explore with shades of trees and trails to walk on. Since the Day Tour Package is too pricey for us, I decided to ask if we can just have a lunch date and take some pictures. I contacted their facebook page. They seem to be nice and responds easily. They say that we can have an hour of taking pictures provided that our lunch will be Php500 minimum. Game on! 

So after the hot streak of sun at Marian, we headed to Cintai riding a tricycle which is already waiting at the gate. A fare of Php50 for the less than 10 minute ride. Quite pricey too but we don't have no choice. Gutom na ang lola mo at haggard na masyado sa sobrang init ng araw. Upon entering, a guard will ask you what will be your activity and will ask for an ID so he can let you go inside. Jusko, ang haba pala ng lakadin papasok. So I really suggest na you should have your own car if you are planning to visit the place. At the information desk, a staff is already waiting, I told them that we will only have a lunch date so she ushered us at Abadi Restaurant. A small restaurant but with a breath taking view of the pool and forest and tall trees and fresh air. Ahh, I wanna swim and take some rest! Indeed they are right that this place is great for relaxation and not just for a day tour.

At Abadi we were greeted accordingly (Grabe ang pag-asikaso nila sa guest! Great job!) and give us the menu. We decided to order Soup, Pork Dish and Steamed Rice. 

our kind of Lunch at Abadi

Pork BinagoonganCrispy Pork Belly Topped with Fried Eggplant and Special Bagoong Sauce - Php350

Seafood Chowder
Creamy soup of mixed seafood and potatoes - Php180

Steamed Rice - Php60
After lunch we roam around and take some pictures. Naligaw kami bes! Puro villa ang nasuotan namin with wall murals in between. Tired and not quite happy with what we have I just took some pictures. Ang haba ng nilakad namin. 

If I am not mistaken, there are 4 pools, 2 large pools and 2 kiddie pool. They also have the spa cottage which is beside the wonder wall of Cintai. Yun na pala yun. The other one was at the golf course but we didn't actually go there. Malayo na masyado afraid that we might used up the 1 hour already. Kidding, but it's too far na talaga kung lalakadin pababa. But above all, masarap yung food at 5 star for the staffs.

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