Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo

Last month I was able to switch to organic products after reading Rica's blog when she found out that she's pregnant. So I look for products right away and started to purchase some, shampoos and blush on to start with. You can read my post about the organic products switch here. Yesterday I emptied out the two bottles finally. The first one which is the mandarin fresh scent was already emptied 2 weeks ago, lasting three weeks of use while the next bottle, vanilla lush only lasted for two weeks.

After using them, I was able to know the difference and I must say that they really have difference not just in scent. But first, let me say the pros of using this shampoos.

This is the back label of the shampoo. As you can see, it is 100% natural, no harmful chemicals. This bottle, which is 50ml lasted for two-three weeks of use. Maybe it depends on the length of hair and how much amount I use. It is only Php 44.75 and you can enjoy the chemically free shampoo plus helping save the environment.

The mandarin fresh is one the scents of Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo. I used this one first and I like the mandarin scent it gives to my hair. I used up all of its contents for about three weeks. The lather isn't that foamy and leaves a dry hair after rinsing it. So I have to use an intensive hair mask (watch out for my review of this product too from Human Nature) so I can get a soft hair right after. It doesn't leave residues on my hair and I feel that my hair is so clean after using it. I might repurchase this scent soon.
The vanilla lush on the other hand is not that smelly. Although you can smell a bit of vanilla while shampooing your hair, still after rinsing it, you won't smell anything on your hair. I just don't know why this one only lasted for two weeks compare to the mandarin fresh. Aside from this, it leaves dandruff to my hair so I won't be using this scent again. The lather is just the same with the mandarin fresh, not foamy enough.

So that's my review about the Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo in Mandarin Fresh and Lush Vanilla scents. For other information and reviews you can read it here. I just hope that this products will be available in leading stores nationwide so it won't be a hassle for those who wanted to try out the chemical free products by Human Nature.

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