Cafe Amadeo's Carbonara

Whenever I spotted a new restaurant or a food kiosk I aim to look at two choices: carbonara and sisig and definitely will try if it's good or not. If it's my first time to dine in at the place, my first order will always be a carbonara or sisig, whichever is in the menu. It's because carbonara has been my ultimate favorite when it comes to pasta and spaghetti will always be my 2nd choice. The first carbonara I've tasted was cooked by my Ninang and I really love it! I can't remember my first attempt to cook carbonara and I didn't have a picture of it so maybe next time I'll share my own recipe here.

So while my mom and I were window shopping at SM Mall after my monthly prenatal check up, I spotted Cafe Amadeo and saw carbonara at their menu. I didn't order right away because I told mom that next foodtrip we will try their menu. I wanted mom to try out different dining places instead of just sticking at Jollibee fastfood chain. Then after three days, I take out a carbonara since it's too late for me to stay and have a quick meal that night.

This is their carbonara, the take out version, for Php 110.00 with free ice tea or coffee. I just told them to not include the drinks anymore since I am not allowed to drink it. The price is okay for the serving. In fact I didn't expect that there will be a bun inside and that the serving is full.

This is how it looks after opening the lid. I thought that the bun is a garlic flavored one, but it isn't. It's just a regular pandesal though it is much softer than the usual. You can also see a lot of garnish or toppings consist of bread crumbs, ham and mushroom.

I also notice that they don't use the regular styro most foodchains use. It is a microwavable container and it even looks good, also the quality is not like the regular microwavable containers I used to see at grocery stores. So neat and just right for a take out that's why I don't treat this one as a pricey food.

Now the verdict. It's not that flavorful enough for me. I don't like taste, it's not bad but I feel like there's something missing, maybe it's not a bit salty compare to others that I've tasted before."Matabang" for me. Serving, price and packaging is good but the taste is so-so. I wouldn't dare order it again but will definitely try out their other menu and variety of foods that they sell. 

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