Traces from my Readers

I really appreciate the fact that some bloggers are reading my stuff and even leave decent comments on each posts. I am always looking for alternative ways on how to keep track of those who devote time to my blog and wants to give them my time in return. My list of daily reads is now starting to grow because I added up other users from time to time but I don't want to broaden the list anymore and instead keep track only to those who visited mine.

Genzel's Blog inspires me to do such thing so I hurriedly look for an option on how to have that kind of comment system on my blog too. I found out that we can have the same plug in even though I just use the regular website css and spice up a little editing in the template layout.

How? By installing "commentluv" on blogger. I know bloggers would be happy to have them at the comments area. A lot of people use Blogspot or Blogger blogs and they want to share the luv too just like at Wordpress!

You can follow the steps by step tutorial HERE so that you can also enjoy the luv on your blogger website and start following back the traces of your blog readers. It's easy to install and easy to follow. Share the luv, and give thanks to your followers!

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