Sample Room: How it Works?

I'd like to share this tutorial on how to get free products from Sample Room and try them before buying. This is a good deal since you can get the products with just paying the shipping fee. You can get a full size or a sample size depending on the availability at the Sample Room. I first learn about this website by just typing out keywords "freebies giveaway blog". I stumbled upon this website and started to have an interest but I didn't plunge out right away. I still have to make a good choice and smart one (eying on full size instead of sample size). So how it works?

First you need to sign up at their website. Upon registration you will earn 100 points already which you will use for your first sample room product. Each product on sample room have allocated points to purchase instead of retail price. Take a look at this picture:

As you can see, there is a corresponding points needed to purchase the product. You can also see the "stocks available" at that moment. You need to check this information after logging in your account to start your shopping. Added information like "Sample Size" is also written there so you will know exactly if the product you're going to purchase is in full size or sample size only. If you wanted to add this on your shopping cart, just click "Get Sample".

Note: You can have 1-3 items on your check out. 1 checkout means 1 shipping so if you already check out and you want another item to add, then you will have to pay for a separate shipping fee for that one. A shipping fee costs 130php for Luzon.

Upon checkout you will be prompt to enter your shipping details, payment methods and how to pay via selected payment method. You will also be advised to send an email regarding your order to cater your purchase right away. 12-24 hours waiting period for your order to be reviewed. Upon successful checkout, you will receive an email regarding the tracking number of your parcel. 

After receiving the product, you can now test it and make a review on the Sample Room website. Each rate will earn 1 point and a review of the product will earn corresponding points which you use upon purchasing it. This is great because you can have back your points for your next purchases. You can read my first Sample Room purchase HERE

Visit their website and facebook for more info and updates about stocks available. Happy Sampling! 

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