Share Cafe Valentine's Dinner Date

When Share Cafe opened its doors to the public two years ago, it was already the talk of the town. From casual dining from their restrictions upon entering the cafe and also the way you order your meals. How interesting is it to finally have dinner in a casual set up? How curious are you to order your choice of menu via their app? How did this cafe and restaurant have a fine dining set up yet served affordable meals? 

Our curiosity was finally answered when we had our Valentine’s Date last year, February 14, 2020. And it was just today that I realized I haven’t written a blog about it. 

First, we actually didn’t wear a fancy dress nor ask my husband to wear his polo shirt with a tie but instead we just had our casual dress that night. We brought Isobelle with us and since I know that the restaurant has their own wifi, I brought Isobelle’s kindle just in case we need to kill time waiting for our menu and also savoring their claimed exquisite cuisine and incredible taste of their freshly prepared meal. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of restaurants always promise to have their full menu flashing when someone opens yet when you order a lot of the food in the menu is not available. 

The intriguing part is the ordering of the food. We are honored to have a staff who is so nice not just with us but also with Isobelle. He’s been patient informing us how to order and also telling us their best sellers without over selling it. He’s very attentive and friendly to us. Even when we left the restaurant he also bid us goodbye beyond his work hours while we waited for our car. So the restaurant has their own website and app wherein we can have our order and also we can choose to pay there instead or cash. It was a plus already since I am always on the lookout for cashless transactions even before pandemic happens. 

My husband was craving for a Kabsa that night and since the restaurant offered from their menu, we have that in our list. One of his favorites whenever we dine in is Garden Salad so we also ordered one. 

Rating: ★★★★

Rating: ★★★★★

We also added Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs which is suitable for 2-3 persons already. 

Rating: ★★★★★

We got Junior Spag and Chicken for Isobelle, apparently she didn’t want it that night as I also prepared a rice meal for her so we ended up having the spaghetti as takeout. 

Rating: ★★★★

Of course I wouldn’t let the cakes not passing to my palate so I ordered Chocolate Sin Cake for our dessert. And I didn’t regret it even if it is a bit pricey for that small cake. Sinfully delicious indeed!

I can't rate this a 5, definitely a 100 stars for me!

The place is serene and cozy even if the restaurant is full. I always long for quiet dining instead of the loud restaurant always beaming with loud soundtracks of songs that are not equally enticing with their menu. With Share Cafe, it is as if you are dining in an expensive restaurant but come to think of it that we only had less than 1000 pesos with all the food we ordered. The only con on this restaurant is the lighting fixtures that I find dark for me. I can’t take a decent photo of food because of the poor lighting in the place. We don’t usually have a family photo whenever we go out because we don’t have someone to take our photos but this time we have one, but honestly it’s not even as clear as I wanted it to be. 

Anyway, it was indeed one of the restaurants I wanted to visit again soon for another foodventure but I am not quite sure if they are already taking guests for dining in. I also wasn’t able to order for a delivery because we are not quite far from the restaurant and they don’t want to deliver cold food either. 

Share Cafe Restaurant & Event Center
M. Pastor Pallocan West, Batangas City
Mobile: 0915 5370 151 or 0998 8452 359
Tel No: 043 302 1010

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