Heneral Luna

I was eager to watch the movie when I heard about the good reviews from my facebook friend. I also wanted to see a film with a different genre which is about our history. I decided to watch the film all by myself but then my kumare insisted that I should postponed my selfless date and watch it on other day instead. Luckily, I saw a movie treat from SM City Manila and I immediately grab the opportunity. By the way, every year, SM gives complimentary tickets and I must say that every year I grab one (lucky ME!).

I simply register my email with SMAC referral and they sent me an email with my voucher. I print it out and presented it to the SM Cinema ticket claim booth. I was able to watch Heneral Luna for free! Good thing my kumare insisted me to postponed it before! I was accompanied or rather, asked my good friend Leilah that I will join them with their movie date.

I do not want to elaborate about the synopsis because you can read that in the Heneral Luna Study Guide provided by the movie at their website: http://henerallunathemovie.com. This post is about my reaction with the movie though. I wasn't aware with Heneral Antonio Luna's full history because we all know that the context we used to read in our history classes are just a glimpse of their heroism. Would you believe that even those who watched the movie have the gut to ask why Apolinario Mabini was always seated in the whole movie (become viral in the internet). This makes me wonder what else is written in History books nowadays.

After watching the movie, I realized that even before, a President's role is not that remarkable. He still disobey some rules (like letting the two cabinet members Buencamino and Paterno get out of jail) and have a hard time when it comes to decision-making. Even before, there are anomalies inside the palace. There are Filipinos who should be our allies but sadly become our enemies. There are traitors, even those whom you think would not betray you, will be the one who'll mark your death.

There are also Filipino traits noted in the film. On being family-centered, we always think of our family first before anything else. There was one scene wherein Luna's mother reminisce their life before, showing how Filipino family lives in a peaceful scenario. They also show different historic scenes like what happened to Jose Rizal and the famous painting of his brother (Juan Luna). Also there are scenes were we laugh hard because of the notable jokes which doesn't affect the patriotic side of the film but rather add a blend so that the movie will not turned out to be a boring one.

The ending was a bit harsh and I can't imagine nor remember that it was the way Luna died. He was ambushed (walang kalaban-laban). Endless shooting and stabbing of Filipino soldiers is unacceptable. Having General Luna, the cruel, aggressive and the most egoistic I've known so far in the history was far the best General or leader anyone could have. I wonder if we still have one today. I think that there will be a sequel with this movie. Because a glimpse of a scene with General Gregorio del Pilar (my favorite in the history! Played by Paulo Avelino) and Carlo Aquino (I dunno what's his role) and the soldiers left after Luna died. Still, it is a mystery on who was behind (Buencamino, Aguinaldo or the mother of Aguinaldo) the assassination of General Luna.

It is indeed a great movie. Oh and before I forgot, you should learn about the movie highlight: Artikulo Uno, a disciplinary action by the General. 

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