Saving Up the Hard Earned Money

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We all know that saving enough money is really hard. Nowadays the one thousand peso bill can only give you a pack of diaper and a carton of milk supplement for your baby. That is hardly enough for a week budget. But have you ever wonder if you really are a practical one, even if you are in a midst of hardship dealing with your monthly allowance you can still save up for your future?

I've read some of the blog articles about money saving tip. And believe me, I've already try them before and nothing works for me. I also have this one person who taught us that we can save enough money if we know already our expenses right before the salary comes. Interesting right? What she normally do is only withdrew a portion of her salary for her expenses. Nothing more, nothing less. But for moms like me, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

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A friend of mine is doing the envelope method wherein she divide the allowance into envelopes namely: expenses, misc, savings etc. I tried it at first and I'm worst at it. I wonder if she's still using that method.

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I have a piggy bank and save up five peso and ten peso coins whenever I go to grocery store. Every coin I got right after grocery expenses goes to that piggy bank. I was able to save up five hundred to one thousand pesos with that method. Still, saving a little amount is not enough.

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Right now what I did is to limit myself for fix budget every month and then the rest will go to our investment and then whatever is left may it be 50% or 70% of my husband's salary will go directly to our savings account. As of this moment I was able to save up double of the savings he had last year when I allowed him to do the budgeting. Guess I was doing a pretty good job in here! Even my husband can't believe that I was able to save up that much for 10 months only plus we managed to acquire a long term investment. I also help him saving some money I got from my training and extra income jobs I pursue online. I am glad that whatever I do, he's appreciating the little efforts that I contribute to our family savings. 

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How about you, what saving method are you using?

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