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License to Date is the 6th book from the "Better Date Than Never" series written by Susan Hatler. If you have been wandering through my blog before, you might notice that I already written reviews of her books and today I decided to make a review again. I've been reading her series since then and I like the fact that I can finish her book in one sitting. Sorry if it really took so long to make a review of the book.

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After Kaitlin found out that her fiance has been cheating on her and much to her surprise the girl was her sister she decided to call off the wedding. But her friends Ginger and Kirsten are always shoving her to be on the loop and date again. So, they agreed that Kaitlin have to go for five dates and they, the two girls will help her painting her house. It's a done deal. Her story evolves on dating five guys only to find out her Mr. Right on the last date. Surprisingly it turned out that the mystery man is the one who is always around her. At first, she thought that she was played because of what she knew about Paul but all of it was cleared in the end. Twas the sweetest ending though and I don't want to spoiled up any readers but I really want to quote this one "Kaitlin, I want to be with you. I set myself up as date number five because I plan to be the last date you ever have." Who wouldn't be swooned with those words? Now it's up to you to read the whole story.

License to Date is available at Amazon as kindle format and paperback. Susan Hatler is generous enough to give free books sometimes. All you have to do is stay tune at her facebook page and know the promos she's been giving. Also, if you happen to read her books and write a review about it, don't forget to let her know, she really appreciates it! Happy reading!

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