A gift from God

We've been together for almost three years and having a baby was really what we wanted even out of wedlock. It may sound absurd but my partner really wish that for a long time. I told him that if it still isn't time for us to have what we wanted then we should just wait patiently for the right time. Whenever we go to church I always ask him what he wants from God and he would utter a simple reply "baby". I can't help but sigh because it is indeed what he always asked from me and even if I wanted to, the time isn't just not right yet.

We've been busy for a couple of weeks because we're preparing for our wedding. There are even times that we are stressed from a day activity and sometimes fight over a simple thing. Reminds me that how are we able to achieve what we want if we are not healthy physically and emotionally? Last January I got my last period and I should have asked for a "hilot" because I believe that my placenta is too low that it is one of the reason why I can't get pregnant. But it didn't happened because we have to go to a friend's house to visit her.

Days passed and I even forgot that I my menstrual period is delayed already. He and his family reminded me about my period and asked me if I already have a pregnancy test. I am delighted to know if I am conceiving or not (February was the first time I got delayed) but I decided to have one after the wedding, just so to avoid "chismis" that we just got married because I am pregnant. My friends already know the situation and beforehand they already know that twas since October when we have our wedding preparation, November when I asked for my couture for a wedding dress.

As promised, after the wedding my husband and I together with his family went to Caleruega for a mass and to relax for a bit instead of having our honeymoon somewhere else. The day after I got my PT and checked if I am pregnant or not. But I failed to do so because I've done it the wrong way. *grins* So I bought another one and carefully read the instruction. Came early morning while my husband is still half asleep, I decided to have my PT again. I didn't realize it will just take a minute or two to know the result. 

I was so happy after knowing that it is indeed a positive so I immediately jump off our bed and kept smiling while my husband is so amused asking me why. I told him to take a look at the kit and he just smiled at me knowing that it is a positive one based from my reaction. He hugged me right away and kiss me, even rub my tummy out of excitement. My mother-in-law and his sisters were also waiting for the news and eager to know the results if I am conceiving or not. So we told them that I am expecting. We consider it as a blessing, a gift from God after finally submitting ourselves and be prepared for having a family. A timely gift after our wedding ceremony.
After this, we consult an OB just to make sure about the result and the doctor asked me "Meron ba kayong lahing kambal?" It kept me puzzled but I replied "yung asawa ko po may twin". The doctor then said, "let's see next check up if it's a twin or not, dalawa ang nakikita ko ngayon pero isa lang ang may heartbeat. Usually on third month nakikita yung heartbeat." Leaving that clinic makes us feel even more excited for the news. Am I conceiving a twin or not? Whatever it is, a twin or not, we are really thankful for this wonderful blessing and we were about to face again a new chapter of our lives, which is "starting our own family".

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